1-1/4″ x 8TPI Spindle Thread Protector




Protect your spindle threads on your wood or metal lathe.  Keeps your turning tools away from your threads also keeps rust from forming when you aren’t using the spindle threads with a chuck in place.  You can use the spindle thread protector to remove morse taper chucks by unscrewing.  Has 1/4″ holes to be removed by a spanner wrench (wrench not included) or inserting a 1/4″ inch drill for leverage.

Machined out of aluminum here in The United States of America by a wood turner/machinist or machinist/wood turner.

For a spindle thread of 1-1/4″ x 8 TPI

1-3/4″ width closest to the headstock

1-1/4″ long to cover most threads and if too long you can use a file while your lathe is on to reduce size.

Has a thread relief machined in for spindles that have threads that start after

Will fit most One Way, Harvey, Robust, Powermatic, Delta, Rockwell, Laguna, Nova, Rikon, and Jet lathes.

We can also make a brass one for an additional $20.00.  Other sizes available just send us a message.

Makes for a great gift and looks great on your lathe.