about us

Experience is not the most important aspect of one’s work.  Have met many people that have experience in years yet totally incompetent.  This year had learned about the OODA loop from Pierre Sprey and unbeknownst was already part of my installation process.  If we need to define experience in years then we have over 30 years of experience.

My experiences in audio & video technology and installations span over 30 years.  For about 14 years of the 30 was involved in sound reinforcement and theatrical lighting for concerts and nightclubs.  When you are involved in production work time is of the essence.  This transition into the custom home installations was very smooth.

The services we can provide for you are:

design and install audio/video systems

vibration dampening technologies

turntable modification and installation specialist

two channel audio systems

equipment modification

design listening studio rooms

home theater systems

control systems for audio/video/lighting/shades/hvac and also custom control applications like lifts or secret wall openings.  Yes we can create fun things from Batman or James Bond for your place

home automation

custom metal fabrication

decorative wall finishes