decorative wall finishes

What business does an audio/video guy have to do with decorative wall finishes?  Good question.  However one day was at job and saw this beautiful black wall which mind you is in my audio/video pictures and had to learn how they did that application.  The applicators were tight lipped about this and that is all we had to know.  If you are hiding something that we want then we are going to get it.  Taught myself and put a crew together for a few years and now we take on jobs that we like.  We specialize in Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino.

For murals and such we can recommend an outstanding artist named Barbara Listenik and this is her website:

As you look through the photographs below you will find that some of the images are actually reflections of the room.  This illustrates the level of shine we can do for your walls.


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