Ok this is where we have a little fun.  Here are a few things to think about.

When you are considering the purchase/installation of an audio system wouldn’t it be a bit alarming to use an alarm company since they get excited when a siren goes off?  No offense to Joe Siren.  Really?  That is who is going to install your system?  When an alarm company has to run speaker wire and the length is too long they get whatever scraps they have laying around and crimp them together.  Would you like me to tell you what that does to the clarity?

Well are electricians any better?  Heck NO!  They are not any better than alarm companies.  Sure they can bring the wire to the locations of the equipment however they run the audio wires bundled together in parallel with their power wires.  That is a big NO NO!  So if you hear a hum it is the electricians’ hum.  Clearly when he or she tells you the wires are fine you now know that they are kissing every electrical wire for over 50′.  Brilliant.

What about the guy who installs computers.  Well let me put it this way their idea of sound is defined by how nice those computer speakers on your office desk sound in a living room.  NOT!

If you see an audio/video technician’s head riddled with perspiration causing a puddle on the floor no doubt in a few minutes he will be hiding in a closet calling for help or calling his/her Mother…

If you have to speak with more than 2 people from an installation company to answer your question then you know there are too many layers of people and that means there are more opportunities for errors.

A continuation would be that you get new people every time and you have to parrot the same information to every installer that was sent to you.  They will end up spending half the day figuring out where everything is to your disappointment.

What about the company who had the main guy quit and now you are stuck with a complex remote control system that is locked out and the sound company has to give you a story as to why they didn’t have your file and now you have to pay thousands of dollars to reprogram what the last guy did.  Whereas we use a system where additions can be done by other people and we provide the user name and password for all complex programing.

Family members are the worst people to install your sound system because they can make a disaster for you and it would be inappropriate to correct them.

Metal racks mean your system will look like NASA and sound like Walmart.  There is this something called a vibration and when you rack equipment together it deadens the sound because of the vibrations traveling through all the components that they are screwed together in the metal rack.  The idea is to relieve the vibrations from the individual components not magnify them.

If the equipment wires are all bundled nice and tidy that means the sound is going to suffer.  You can’t use network wiring technology in audio systems.

When you are looking at an A/V website and see words like “our partners” it makes you think you are dealing with a law firm instead of an A/V company.  “Our Partners” means corporate minded company with less than zero performance.


Under no circumstances should you bring the friend of yours that knows anything about audio to any of our meetings.  This is a warning!  They are not there to help you.  We of course will be polite until they want to show you how smart they are.  Then we will have to destroy their arguments until they are dead.  By this time you will be agreeing with me as we surgically dismantle their reasonings.  This is not arrogance it is just that those magazines everyone reads about audio are paid advertising.  Like that uncle of your that is an armchair guru knows nothing yet talks like they do.

This is fun however tragically it is more accurate then you can imagine.